Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Email Spam

Do you often hear the word email spam? An email is considered as spam as email "trash" is thought to interfere with, intrude into your email inbox. Spam is the common term for electronic ‘junk mail’. This email spam is usually sent from the sender (spammer) to your email account. 

The main purpose of spam email is for the sale of products, services or for the purpose of fraud. Sometimes they contain the viruses. Some people say spammers are one of unethical behavior on the internet. Do not respond if the email message seems dubious or the subject line or sender looks suspicious.

Jun 2007 - One source said an estimated 90 billion spam messages sent every day. 20% are related to product sales. Sale of medical and health products and services: 21.9% (+3.7). Computers and Internet: 9.2% (-1.2%). Tourism: 8.7% (no change). Cyber ??crime: 8.9% (+0.9%). Five largest category of spam email in June 2007. Spam to fraud is the most dangerous-be careful and do not click on links in spam messages. 

Do not spam - How often do you read these words on the internet? How do you feel if you have hundreds of email spam in your inbox every day?. If you do not like email spam then you also do not spam. Make sure that the email sent only to those who gave permission, those who give their name and their email address into the 'mailing list' or your autoresponder system.

A good internet marketers, they do not spam and always keep credibility as a good internet entrepreneur because spamming can be detrimental to your business and damage your credibility.


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